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Useful software well worth its price.


Really neat backup software for disk-to-disk backup. Cleaver algorithms reducing duplicates in storage, making the backup disk last for ever. No file ever stored twice, even if originating from different hosts. Handles many different clients, often without any special client software by using system default installed utilities such as rsync, tar, ssh, smb etc.


Nice and simple wiki. Easy to install and maintain, uses flat file database. Only require PHP support of the web server. Fast and efficient.

The Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution

The easy-to-use GNU/Linux distribution. Makes it more easy installing and running GNU/Linux then Microsoft Windows. Most needed software included in the distribution, like an Office package, and everything for free.

Unfortunately Canonical now changed its distribution enforcing the Unity window interface, making pure GNU/Linux Debian a better choice for the experienced user.

The NGINX Web Server software

An asynchronous event driver web server outperforming Apache in both performance and resource conservation. Good both if in need of a high performance site (such as SourceForge for example), or using limited resources, such as in a virtual environment ("cloud computing") with quotas you don't want to exceed or in an embedded system.


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